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Business Consulting

Often clients reach out to us when they have a problem, but haven't discovered what that problem is. At Thompson and Thompson, we work hand and hand with our clients to first define the problem. We help them to think and point out what the key issues are that are causing the problem and structure the problem in a way to make it easier to prioritize issues. A fresh set of professional eyes reviewing the business can make it easier to distinguish what contributes most to a business problem.  We then began implementing ways that the team can efficiently use their time to solve the parts (issues) that created the problem. As resolving the issues will ultimately resolve the problem. Our clients leave with a solution and how to sustain the solution.

      However, we are not only available as fixers we are also available as starters. We help new business owners start their businesses and guide them through business planning. When putting together a business plan there are key points a new business owner should know.


What problems are people facing? List their top 3 frustrations.

Creative Thoughts

Unique Value Proposition

How will you turn an unaware visitor into an interested customer? Create a clear and compelling one-liner message you want to send across.


Customer Segments

Create 3 to 4 personas of the people you can help. Visualize these people who will turn to you for solutions.

Woman Browsing in Clothing Store

Existing Alternatives

How are these problems solved today? This can be a direct competitor to what you are offering or the existing ways people are employing to address their problems.

Brainstorming Session

High Level Concept

How does your product or service fit into the grand scheme of things?

Tall Building

Early Adopters

What are the specific characteristics of your early adopters? Who's eager to purchase your product or service as soon  as it launches?

Waiting In Line


How will you solve these problems? Write down a solution for each problem.

Group Meeting

Unfair Advantage

What separates you from competitors? What makes you ahead of the pack?

Young Designer

Cost Structure

What are the fixed and variable costs to launch your product or service? Consider the cost at each stage from setting up a website, hiring employees, production, marketing, and bringing them to consumers.


Key Metrics

How will you measure the success of your product or service? List the key metrics.

Product Inventory


How will you reach your target consumers? Direct marketing, social media, ads, partnerships — identify the effective ways to reach them.

Social network concept

Revenue Streams

What money sources will grow your money? How will you generate income? Show a pricing model of your product or service and include other revenue sources, such as sales and subscription fees.

Upward Curve
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